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XinJiang Kernour International Co., Ltd. situated in the capital city of XinJiang province in West of China which have unique climate, excellent geographical location for Tomato, Apricot, Carrot and Grape growing. Based in our natural resources, we specialize in export of aseptic Tomato Paste, Apricot Puree, Carrot juice concentrate as well as Pomegranate Juice Concentrate. Recently we also opened foreign market of all size of Round Can Ends, Easy Open Can Ends as well as ...

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Canned Tomato paste are available... 【2016/3/22】  
2016 Crop Carrot Juice Concentrate are availa... 【2016/3/22】  
2015 Crop Carrot Juice Concentrate... 【2016/3/22】  
All Size Of Round Can Ends Are Available... 【2016/3/22】  
All Size Of Tinplate Sheet Are Available... 【2016/3/22】  
All Size Of Glass Jar Are Available.... 【2016/3/22】  
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